The State of DevOps and What's Next?

The State of DevOps and What's Next?

How DevOps is evolving and what's next for your organisation

The Current State

DevOps Team

The need for faster and highly productive DevOps is increasing at a rapid pace due to the rise and increment of customer-centric engineers in organizations. While customer-centric teams see an increase of 40% performance in organizational performance, scalable faster software delivery is the key to its achievement.

Engineers to DevOps hiring ratio

Cloud Management

Cloud management for your engineering teams has increasingly become complex, time-consuming, and handling multiple tools. With building pipelines, managing contexts in scripts, and working with product engineers to release software, DevOps teams today are juggling with tools, and losing productivity.

Cloud Governance

Cloud governance has become increasingly difficult, causing a constant drifting of the cloud infrastructure. DevOps teams today spend their time to remediate the drifts and misconfigurations in the cloud infrastructure, losing critical time and productivity in the process.

What's Next?

We have been working hard to address these challenges and increase DevOps productivity using Gravity Cloud.

Gravity Cloud provides a Gen AI-powered Cloud Management Platform that simplifies DevOps and Security management for your engineering teams.

With Gravity Cloud, infrastructure management is automated in minutes, unlocking developer productivity, reducing misconfiguration, and resilient infra using generative AI. Release core products faster without the need to build infrastructure table stakes.

Gravity Impact - Increase DevOps productivity by 5x

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