Introducing Gravity Stacks

Introducing Gravity Stacks

Stacks are the most fast &secure way to launch anything on AWS such as EC2, ECS, observability, data piplines, VPC, etc.

Next-Gen Cloud Automations

Gravity Cloud Stacks bring the next-gen automation where scalibility, correctness and security are embedded at the base layer. Stacks ensure all cloud resources that are being used or newly created are default scalable and secure with easy abstaction console to manage them.

A Dive into AWS ECS Stack Management

Overview: Launching a new Service

Launching ECS becomes extremely easy with Gravity Stack with abstractions and security in built. As a backend engineer, you only need to select the resources such as CPU <> RAM, region, port and Route53. From Application Load Balancer to Scaling Polcies and Security Groups get auto-configured without having to learn AWS or going to AWS Console.

Configuration: Updating ECS Service

Stacks enables to configure ECS services with simple clicks without worrying about how and where to make changes and deplying the new changes. ENV management also becomes simpler with Gravity ENV or using AWS KMS without AWS configurations.

ECS Stack also provides one-click CI/CD setup for Github Actions and Gitlab Pipelines which allow you to configure for any unit tests if needed.

Deployment: Rollbacks and Failure Detection

Gravity Cloud Stack automatically creates and deploys ECS services with Rollback strategies and failure detection automations without engineers having to worrying about creating custom pipelines or internal tools.

There are many more Gravity Stacks available to use for your team that makes it easier to interact with your cloud provider by reducing the DevOps overhead and Security misconfigurations.